What time is NFL Draft: When does Round 2 start, when do Browns pick?

The Cleveland Browns will finally be making a pick in Round 2
The NFL draft countdown
The NFL draft countdown / Mandi Wright / USA TODAY NETWORK

For most of the league, the 2024 NFL Draft started on Thursday night. For the Cleveland Browns, the action unfolds on Friday.

It was the third season in a row the Browns were without a Round 1 pick due to the Deshaun Watson trade. In each of their first two seasons with a top-32 selection, Cleveland also traded their second-round pick.

In 2022, they dropped back to No. 68 in Round 3 and added Martin Emerson. He proved to be a steal at that spot which helped ease the pain of waiting so long. Then in 2023, they traded the 42nd pick to the New York Jets in exchange for pick No. 74 and Elijah Moore. Cleveland used that selection — which was their first of the year — on Tennessee wideout Cedric Tillman.

With all that being said, the Browns own the 54th pick on Friday night and fans are anxious to see them make a selection. So, what time does the draft begin and how can they watch?

What time does Round 2 start?

Start Time: Friday, 7 PM EST
How to Watch: ESPN, ABC, and the NFL Network will all air the NFL Draft

When will the Browns make their pick?

The draft starts at 7 PM EST but it will still be a while before Cleveland is on the clock. A good estimate, thanks to Leigh Oleszczak, of when the Browns will be on the clock is 8:40 PM EST. She figured that time by looking back at how the 2023 NFL Draft unfolded.

Most die-hard fans will already be tuned-in but for those who just want to check in for an update, that's a safe time to consider popping in.

Cleveland also has the 85th pick, which is in Round 3. We shouldn't rule out a trade, however, since they have nothing until pick 156 after this.

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