Browns Officially Name Mangini’s Assistants


The Browns made it official today, as they named the three main men who are to assist head coach Eric Mangini – those men being offensive coordinator Brian Saboll, defensive coordinator Rob Ryan, and special teams coordinator Brad Seely.  There is still not a lot of news about the Browns and their quest to find a new GM, mainly because the Ravens and George Kokinis are still in the playoffs.

I have to say that I like this nucleus of coaching, as all the men worked together on New England’s staff from 2000 to 2003.  I’ve begun to warm up to Eric Mangini, although I was never vehemently opposed to him from the start.  I think he got a bad deal in New York and is a very capable coach in the NFL.  People kept clamoring for a coach with “more experience!  More experience, I say!”  But he had three years of experience in New York, which I do believe is going to make a world of difference.  I’m ready to give Man (don’t say Manginia, don’t say Mangina) gini a chance.