Why Fire Two Scouts at Such a Pivotal Time?


Yesterday the Browns parted ways with two scouts – midwest scout Kevin Kelly and national scout Daniel Jeremiah.  Kelly is best known for luring Pro Bowler Josh Cribbs to the Browns in addition to scouting players such as LT Joe Thomas, QB Brady Quinn, and Braylon Edwards.  These firings come at a pivotal time for the Browns, as both men were preparing for the upcoming draft.  Additionally, the NFL Scouting Combine begins on February 18th in Indianapolis, one of the most important events in the year of a scout.

This is a decision that could obviously be a real headscratcher, but I’ll try and rationalize why it happened now.  One has to assume that new GM George Kokinis has certainly done his homework on the draft as well and he certainly has an idea of how he wants to approach the draft and who he wants helping him.  These recently fired scouts represent the past and the past conjures up the idea of failure, no matter what these two guys accomplished.  Jeremiah was brought in by the also-fired T.J. McCreight, and I think the new regime is simply cleaning house.  In order to completely revamp the attitude and perception of the organization, all remnants of the past must be demolished before beginning anew.

Kokinis will not be ill-prepared.  I imagine he has an idea of what his staff will be at this point and will be ready not only for the Combine, but for the draft as well.

– On another note, I want to take this time to introduce the third writer to DPD, Aaron Calafato.  He comes over from the Examiner and will bring loads of insight and humor to a laughable (at least at the moment) organization.  Be on the lookout for Aaron in the coming months as we discuss the Browns’ offseason and the team’s approach to the 2009 NFL Draft.