Could Braylon Edwards AND Brady Quinn Be Traded?


There have been plenty of rumors floating around that the Browns could be getting first-round picks for trading both WR Braylon Edwards and QB Brady Quinn.  Like most everything else that has been coming from the Browns lately, this is nothing but speculation, but it is slightly concerning.  Why people still seem to like QB Derek Anderson is completely baffling.  I thought it was apparent at this point that he would not be the man capable of taking the Browns to the next level.  If anyone is going to get traded, it should be Anderson, even if it is for something like a third-round pick (which the Browns do not have, and some team would probably be willing to part with for a former Pro Bowler).

As for Edwards being traded, that would mean the Browns are probably looking long and hard at drafting WR Michael Crabtree, but making him the number one guy right away?  The receiving corps has been decimated in recent months for a variety of reasons, and despite Edwards’ problems holding onto the ball, he is still a great player.  Lining him up with Crabtree would make more sense than lining Crabtree up with Syndric Steptoe.

I know it’s been said that only LT Joe Thomas and ILB D’Qwell Jackson are exempt from being traded, but I think Quinn and Edwards should be strongly considered for that group.  After all, a strong core (of much more than two) is needed to compete in the NFL and both Quinn and Edwards give the team at least some hope for the future.  If, say, Quinn was traded, it would be a such a step in the wrong direction that the Browns wouldn’t be picking outside of the top-five for a while.