Former WR Joe Jurevicius Sues Team, Making His Departure Even More Unfortunate


By now, you know that former Browns WR Joe Jurevicius is suing the organization and the Cleveland Clinic over the staph infection that ruined his career in Cleveland.  Apparently, no one bothered to sterilize the equipment they were using on Jurevicius and certainly no one bothered to tell him about that little fact either.  I honestly cannot say I blame the man for such a gross error on the part of the Browns and the medical staff that operated on him, but it is sad to see Joe Jurevicius’ time with the team end this way.

Jurevicius was nothing but a class act while with the Browns, and was even willing to take a pay cut in order to stay on the team this year.  Leave it up to the Browns to force a local product to sue his hometown team for negligence.  I’m not upset with Jurevicius in any way, as the problem with staph infections has been a major problem for the Browns in recent years, most notably the two that TE Kellen Winslow sustained.  The best thing this case will do is try and put an end to this recent trend, as staph infections are really no laughing matter.  For some guys, such as LeCharles Bentley, it became a matter of life and death back in 2006.

Additionally, I cannot see how anyone would be upset at Jurevicius for filing the suit, as the infection could very well have cost him his football career.  There’s a good chance he will not play again, which makes for a sadder end to an already sad story for one of the best guys to put on a Cleveland Browns uniform in a long time.

I never would have guessed that the Browns’ training facility in Berea was something out of a horror movie.  The lack of sterilized equipment makes me wonder if the physicians involved with the team use rusted medical tools from the 1800s “for the heck of it.”

Sorry, Joe.  It’s a shame it had to end like this.