Rookie WR Greg Little Will Attend Camp Colt III Next Week


In a move that is sure to win over scores of Browns fans, rookie wide receiver Greg Little plans on attending Colt McCoy’s third players-only workout, starting next week in Texas. Against the wishes of his agent, Little will not only be attending the camp for the weight training, film sessions, and general off-field fun that is sure to be had, but he also plans on participating in the on-field activities.

This is a big move for any of the Browns’ rookies to make, as none of them are under contract, meaning there is no protection for them should they get injured. Little’s agent was simply doing his job by suggesting that Little not take part in the on-field drills, but kudos to the receiver and his other rookie teammates for wanting to work out with the rest of the offense.

Other offensive rookies Owen Marecic and Jordan Cameron are expected to join their teammates in Texas as well.