The Cleveland Browns are Sitting on $17.7 Million in Cap Space


The current trend with the Cleveland Browns is that the team has plenty to spend in free agency, but chooses to sit on that money, presumably saving for the future. So, with the news that the Browns still have the fourth-largest amount of cap space in the league at $17.7 million, it not only shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t be met with much excitement.

The Browns have continuously said they have no intentions of building the team through free agency. When the time comes, it is likely that the front office will spend money, but, for now, what’s the point of signing a big-name free agent when the playoffs aren’t a realistic possibility for a few more years?

If the Browns sign anyone this summer (other than their still-unsigned draft picks), it will come as the result of an injury to a player during training camp. Or, perhaps, during a basketball game.

Either way, there isn’t much to the Browns having $17.7 million in cap space, at least not this season.

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