Browns, QB Brandon Weeden Agree on Four-Year Deal


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For all the worrying that was done about the contract situations of Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden, one would assume both had been holding out throughout training camp. Instead, the contracts are finalized and the Browns’ top picks will be in camp on time.

Weeden was the last rookie to sign a deal, finally signing a four-year contract worth about $8.1 million. He was hoping to get all four years guaranteed, but was only able to secure a partial guarantee for that fourth year of the deal.

It wasn’t the wrong fight for Weeden to seek out that fourth guaranteed year. He’ll be 32 by the time this contract is up, so his career faces more of an uphill battle than most rookies are used to.

Now that everyone is signed, the only remaining question is this: when will Weeden be named the starting quarterback? While Colt McCoy futilely hopes (and even he realizes this) for an actual competition, the starting job is essentially Weeden’s to lose.