Browns VS. Bears: 1st Quarter Takeaways


The final Pre-Season game with the Cleveland Browns facing the Chicago Bears will be interesting. The Browns are likely to play starters for a little while. The Bears are likely to play backups. So while the Browns might look good, and gain confidence, the level of competition is not going to be equal.

Here are our 1st Quarter Takeaways from Browns VS. Bears:

  • Barkevious Mingo has a lot of “almost” sacks.
  • The Browns give up another 3rd down. Achilles heel for the past couple years continues.
  • Phil Taylor with a big stuff up the middle. He flashes but struggles to find consistency.
  • Leon McFadden never turns his head around, gets called for pass interference.
  • Aaron Berry makes a great play to break up 3rd down pass. Browns have hopes for Berry if he can stay healthy.
  • Field Goal. Bears 3-0.
  • Ben Tate sets up his blocks really well. Looks much better on stretch play then the straight ahead run one play later.
  • Brian Hoyer looked far less hurried in his first pass. Hit Jordan Cameron for a first down.
  • Play action gives Hoyer a chance to hit a down the field pass. Looked strong to Taylor Gabriel.
  • Run game looking solid with all 3 backs, Tate, Terrance West and Dion Lewis, getting carries early.
  • Hoyer’s first miss was on a wide open TD for Cameron. Hoyer failed to set his feet, ball sailed out of bounds.
  • Drive stalls on 3 straight passes, 1 completion for 9 yards. Go for it on 4th. Play (great catch by FB Ray Agnew) and penatly (roughing the QB) gives Browns 1st and goal.
  • TOUCHDOWN Tate. Good push by Browns line for short TD. Browns 7-3
  • Craig Robertson with decent coverage but still gives up the first down pass. Big struggle last year for him.
  • Leon McFadden burned again, refuses to turn his head around when the ball is in the air.
  • Christian Kirksey has amazing closing speed and anticipation, going to be a fun one.
  • Multiple penalties, one again against McFadden, gives the Bears a first down conversion on 3rd down.
  • Mingo with a huge long sack on stunt move with Taylor. Loss of 13. Development of Mingo will be huge.
  • Browns hold on 3rd down after big sack.
  • Long field goal attempt, 52 yards, is wide right. Still Browns 7-3
  • Johnny Manziel in with 46 seconds in the quarter.
  • Great rollout by Manziel, and a great throw hit Gary Barnidge right in his hands, wide open. Barnidge drop but defensive holding gives Browns another first.
  • Terrance West fights to get a yard or two on 1st down, ball popped out and Bears recover. Quick series.
  • Bears ball near midfield with 28 seconds left in the quarter.
  • Mixture of 1st and 2nd team defenders for Browns now.
  • One run play brings the quarter to an end. Browns 7, Bears 3.

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What did you like, dislike about the 1st quarter?