Browns VS. Bears: 2nd Half Takeaways – Isaiah Crowell Breaks Out


The final Pre-Season game with the Cleveland Browns facing the Chicago Bears will be interesting. The Browns are likely to play starters for a little while. The Bears are likely to play backups. So while the Browns might look good, and gain confidence, the level of competition is not going to be equal.

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Here are our 2nd Half Takeaways from Browns VS. Bears:

  • Johnny Manziel still in the game.
  • Great zone read again by Manziel, slides after a first down.
  • Next play, ignores Ray Agnew, rollouts and comes back to Agnew but misses him.
  • Misses Marqueis Gray, first time in the game, making a good decision but misses by a foot.
  • Manziel stays in the pocket well, waiting for receiver to get open. Marlon Moore catches and gets the first down. Crosses mid field.
  • 2 strong inside runs by Chris Ogbonnaya. Looks like 4 running backs on the 53 man with him, Dion Lewis, Terrance West and starter Ben Tate.
  • Another zone read leads to a Manziel first down run. Dives head first for the first time. Should have slid but still a good play/read.
  • This writer’s favorite Isaiah Crowell in the game for the first time tonight. Catches short pass over the middle for short game.
  • Lack of protection leads to scramble and incompletion out of bounds.
  • Field goal is good Browns 20 – 13.
  • Leon McFadden knocks completion out of Bears receiver. Good play. Negatives outweigh the positives by a lot but a couple positives.
  • On 3rd and 2, McFadden with tight coverage making breakup leading to 4th down and punt.
  • On Twitter McFadden was compared to Buster Skrine in years past. Could develop but will take time.
  • Rex Grossman in for the first time for the Browns.
  • On first play he hits Willie Snead right in stride for a huge gain. 38 yards.
  • Crowell gets a good gain on 1st and 10 on outside pitch. Same play left gets Browns first down on 2 Crowell runs.
  • Grossman misses on 2 passes.
  • Field goal is good. Browns 23 -13.
  • David Fales still in for Bears at QB.
  • Quick 3 and out for Bears gives the ball back to the Browns.
  • Grossman hits Charles Johnson for big gain.
  • Followed by huge Crowell run for 23 yards. He is looking like a future stud for the Browns.
  • 3rd play of drive, another big gain on pass to Snead. 11 yard line.
  • Drive stalls at the 11. Field goal is good. Browns 26 – 13
  • Jamaal Westerman gets pressure again, this time on a run play for a loss.
  • Undrafted find Jacobbi McDaniel makes a good play down the field, outside the numbers. Impressive.
  • End of 3rd quarter.
  • DB Robert Nelson with quick closing burst to pick off pass.
  • Browns go 3 and out. Grossman and Marlon Moore not on same page on back shoulder throw.
  • Josh Aubrey almost makes an amazing play to keep ball out of the endzone, but called a touchback.
  • Westerman and Tank Carder share a sack to force 4th down and a punt. 3 and out again for Browns defense.
  • Connor Shaw in at QB.
  • Crowell with another big gain, 8 yards. Looking really good tonight.
  • Then Crowell breaks a huge 48 yard TD run right up the middle.
  • If the Browns try to get him to the practice squad he will be picked up and the Browns will lose him.
  • Browns 33 – 13
  • Former Heisman hopeful QB Jordan Lynch in at running back for the Bears.
  • Lynch gets 4 straight runs to total 12 yards.
  • Browns get stop after 1 first down. Force another punt. 3rd-4th team defense looking good.
  • Shaw gets first down on the ground. Then makes another good zone read leading to 3rd and short.
  • Crowell stood up in the hole on 3rd and short. Browns go for it on 4th and 1, Crowell gets the first barely.
  • 2 minute warning.
  • Browns take a knee 3 times to finish off the game.

2nd half started with an interesting Manziel drive. Grossman showed what timing, rhthym and accuracy can do for an offense. Then Crowell breaks out and seemingly put himself in a position that if the Browns try to get him to the practice squad they will lose him. A breakout game for the undrafted rookie. The depth of the Browns defense was pretty obvious with a ton of 3 and outs or short drives.

What concerned or excited you about the 2nd half?