Browns VS. Bears: 2nd Quarter Takeaways – Manziel Good/Bad


The final Pre-Season game with the Cleveland Browns facing the Chicago Bears will be interesting. The Browns are likely to play starters for a little while. The Bears are likely to play backups. So while the Browns might look good, and gain confidence, the level of competition is not going to be equal.

First Quarter Takeaways Here (New Window)

Here are our 2nd Quarter Takeaways from Browns VS. Bears:

  • Browns go back to Terrance West on first two plays on possession. Good sign to give player confidence. Leads to 3rd and 5.
  • Manziel feels uncomfortable in the pocket, tried to move out and ball got stripped. Reid Fragel recovers for Browns.
  • 2nd unit offensive line is not good. See why Browns have claimed 4 linemen in about a month.
  • Browns punt. Big return by Holmes, the veteran trying to make the team showing off.
  • Christian Kirksey plays with great speed/power combination.
  • Bears continue to get a lot of what they want. Quick snap on 3rd and short gets a long run for a first.
  • Then blown coverage, completion leads to first and goal from the 6.
  • Goal line defense again looks good on three plays. Pass for 1 yard. Run for 1 yard. 3rd and goal from the 4. Incomplete pass leads to field goal attempt. Good. Bears 13 – 7.
  • Great play action pass. Manziel throws a duck. Travis Benjamin open, penalty saves the play.
  • Manziel, on a rollout, makes play with his arm when run was available. Great decision. 1st down.
  • Paul McQuistan gets pushed back quickly and far. Causes West to get no yards on sweep.
  • Another duck thrown by Manziel leads to big hit on Charles Johnson. Ball overthrown and wobbly.
  • A very Johnny Football, run around, scramble similar to play in Alabama leads to a great gain and first down to Nate Burleson.
  • Following play bootleg left leads to a TD pass in the back of the end zone. Browns 14 – 13.
  • Leon McFadden makes a great play to breakup 2nd down pass. Got to give him some credit, at least on that play. Keeps battling.
  • Pressure by Tank Carder gets some pressure. Leads to a punt.
  • Browns ball with 3:25 left in the half.
  • Great zone read by Johnny Manziel. Gets 8 yards and slides well.
  • Taylor Gabriel, having a good game, Manziel misses him deep again. Ball very wobbly on deep balls tonight. Ball not getting there.
  • Manziel struggles again, on 3rd down, in the pocket. Feels uncomfortable, leaves ball away from his body. Is able to hold on but gets sacked. Defensive holding saves the Browns for a first down.
  • Next play Manziel throws a strike, rushing a throw over the middle. Illegal hands to the face saves Browns again. Another first.
  • Screen play blown up, Manziel makes smart play and throws it at Lewis feet. Good smart play by the QB.
  • 2nd down strike. Clean pocket, hits Barnidge in rhythm. First down.
  • Manziel moves around a bit on the next play, hits Burleson again. Illegal formation brings play back.
  • Manziel throws behind Willie Snead, where Snead should of sat down. Solid footwork in the pocket by Manziel.
  • With no backs, 4 wide & 1 tight end, Manziel on a huge run for a first and goal from the 10.
  • Overthrows Burleson in the end down, but placed in a perfect area in double coverage.
  • Beautiful ball handling by Manziel on draw. Leads to first and 3rd and goal from the 4.
  • Lack of big receiver evident at Manziel fade to shorter Taylor Gabriel is overthrown.
  • Field goal. Browns 17 – 13. 9 seconds left in the half.
  • Kickoff and kneel. End of half.

Some fans will be really excited about Manziel’s quarter. This writer is less then impressed, but see the possiblity of him being amazing after a lot of development.

We will have second half takeaways at the end of the game. Until then read these letters and see if they speak to how you feel about the Josh Gordon situation:

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What do you think about Manziel’s and the Browns 2nd quarter?