Will Josh Gordon Stay Suspended? Conflicting Reports


While the NFLPA did not vote on the new Drug Policy last night we did get some reports late last night, early this morning that are conflicting related to Josh Gordon. The hope for Cleveland Browns fans is that the new drug policy will allow Gordon to play this year. It has gone so far that Browns beat writer Tony Grossi believes that it is inevitable, which we covered here yesterday (New Window).

Instead we wake up to two different reports coming out of the NFLPA 9PM conference call last night. The first from ESPN:

"The NFLPA was expecting to take a vote that would have revised policy and allowed for the immediate reinstatement of almost 20 players currently under suspension, including star receivers Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns and Wes Welker of the Denver Broncos, as well as cornerback Orlando Scandrick of the Dallas Cowboys, sources said."

So that report makes it look like Gordon would be judged under the new rules. Yet a report by NFL.com presents it a bit differently:

"3) There would be reassessment of penalties already levied on players for drug violations during the 2014 league year."

Gregg Rosenthal’s tweet related to this article brings out why this wording is important for Gordon and the Browns:

So we have a very clear wording issue that could have a dramatic impact on Josh Gordon’s suspension. If the new policy reads “those suspended in the 2014 league year” Gordon should get off of his suspension. If the new policy reads “those testing positive in the 2014 league year” Gordon would not. It is a slight wording issue but it could be huge for Gordon and the Browns.

Update: An agreement on marijuana levels is reportedly in place, 20 players impacted. Gordon?

Technically Gordon tested positive, barely, during the 2013 league year. Those rules were already in place when he tested. The new rules are for this league year which could help Welker, Scandrick and the like.

Not surprisingly this Gordon saga keeps having more twists than anything we expected. At this point having expectations could create frustrations later.

Don’t get your hopes up Browns fans. Yet keep hope alive.

Which report do you believe? I know which one I want to believe!