Browns Vs. Saints: Second Quarter of Awesome to Okay


The Cleveland Browns take on the New Orleans Saints in Cleveland today. The Browns Vs. Saints has an opportunity to be a blowout or a defining moment for the new Browns regime. Many factors will play a role in which way the game goes. We are here to cover all the big plays, as well as a few less notable but as impactful plays, from the game, quarter by quarter.

1st Quarter of Hope Takeaways

Here is our Browns Vs. Saints Second Quarter of Awesome to Okay Takeaways:

  •  Saints ball at start of 2nd quarter. 2 run plays get them a first.
    • Saints look to go to run game to open up the pass more last couple drives.
  • Browns stop Saints on 3rd down after giving up a early first.
    • Speed shows up to make a tackle 2 yards short of a first. Speed and clean tackling huge today.
  • Andrew Hawkins release move leads to a first down and gets out of shadow of endzone.
    • The role Browns fans hoped Davone Bess would play last year.
  • Browns use clock but can’t get a second first down.
    • Isaiah Crowell caught pass in space, slight stutter step may have cost him the first down.
  • Quick first down pass could ignited Saints offense.
    • Brees seems to have seen something, comes out confident.
  • Browns can’t keep contain on next play leading to big first down run near midfield.
  • End around to rookie Brandin Cooks gets Saints into redzone.
    • Sean Payton starting to get comfortable in playcalling.
  • Browns hold on 2nd and 3rd down and short leads to 4th and 2.
  • Browns hold their stances, don’t jump for Drew Brees snap count and force use of last timeout.
    • Saints make FG after 3 big plays lead them into redzone. Huge for Browns.
  • Hoyer gets hit hard in the mid-section.
    • A huge concern for bootlegs and PA passing is the outside blitz from a corner/safety.
  • Hoyer, and offense, seems out of sync and goes 3 and out.
    • Big hit seemed to impact play calls and Hoyer’s confidence.
    • Hoyer looks shaken up on bench.
  • Tashaun Gipson with a huge pick return for a touchdown.
    • Paul Kruger‘s pressure leads to a bad throw. 16 – 3 Browns as a mishandled snap leads to no extra point.
  • No pressure on Brees as Saints take it over midfield going into 2 minute warning.
    • Prevent defense tends not to work well, hopefully a change up coming out of warning timeout.
  • Drew Brees finds Jimmy Graham for 4 receptions on the drive leading to first inside the Browns 20.
    • Graham getting soft coverage and exploiting it.
  • Brees with easy pass to Graham for a TD.
    • Joe Haden with no help a hard match-up, especially with no jam on the line.

An awesome quarter takes a turn near the end with the Saints leading a long TD drive. Browns 16 – 10 and will receive the ball after half.

What did you take away from the Second Quarter of Browns Vs. Saints?