Browns Vs. Saints: Third Quarter of Encouragement


The Cleveland Browns take on the New Orleans Saints in Cleveland today. The Browns Vs. Saints has an opportunity to be a blowout or a defining moment for the new Browns regime. Many factors will play a role in which way the game goes. We are here to cover all the big plays, as well as a few less notable but as impactful plays, from the game, quarter by quarter.

1st Quarter of Hope Takeaways     2nd Quarter of Awesome to Okay Takeaways

Here is our Browns Vs. Saints Third Quarter of Encouragement Takeaways:

  •  Penalty on opening kickoff puts Browns in a tough spot to start the 2nd half.
  • Terrance West runs lead to a first.
    • West more decisive compared to pre-season.
  • Johnny Manziel in for the first time.
    • Zone-read leads to 2 yards and Brian Hoyer back in on third down.
  • Holding on Joe Thomas wipes out a huge 3rd down conversion pass to Andrew Hawkins.
  • Punt gives the Saints the ball near mid-field.
    • Exact opposite of first quarter. Big play needed to slow Saints momentum.
  • Saints in rhythm on their first drive of 2nd half.
  • Mark Ingram as safety valve gets another first on pass play then on 15 yard run.
    • Browns missed tackles and lack of contain resurfaces as a problem.
  • Jimmy Graham with another TD.
    • Browns have small Buster Skrine in man to man with Graham. Didn’t work for Joe Haden, even worse with Skrine.
    • Will Mike Pettine change up the Browns Graham coverage?
    • Botched extra point means Browns down 17 – 16.
  • Manziel in to hand off the ball.
    • Saints read run all the way for 2 yard loss.
  • Manziel stays in for 2nd straight play a pass.
    • A soft touch throw leads to a big hit and drop. A strike could of been a completion. 3rd down.
  • Browns find rhthym with run game and play action.
    • Isaiah Crowell hits the hole hard leading the Browns into the redzone.
  • Andrew Hawkins becoming a strong target for Hoyer.
    • Strong stiff arm is impressive from smaller Hawkins.
  • Touchdown Terrance West!
    • Great blocking by offensive line and great cut leads to almost untouched TD. Browns 23 – 17!
    • The offensive line, running game and system is why the Front Office didn’t prioritize the receiver position.
  • Saints slowly chopping away on final drive of the 3rd quarter.
    • For a defense that faces a ZBS offensive line, Browns are getting gashed on cut backs.

On to the 4th quarter…. With the lead… Against the Saints… Have to be encouraged!

What did you take away from the Third Quarter of Browns Vs. Saints?