Thursday Night Football: 3rd Quarter Thoughts


On Thursday Night Football the Cleveland Browns face off with the Cincinnati Bengals. The winner of the game will sit atop the AFC North. Both teams are missing a ton of starters which could lead to a sloppy game. The weather won’t help the quality of play either.

Here are our quarterly thoughts for Thursday Night Football:

1st Quarter     2nd Quarter

  • First offensive possession is a 3 and out.
    • No gain on first down set offense up behind the sticks.
    • Punt gives Bengals the ball inside the 30.
  • Browns stop Andy Dalton on QB sneak on 3rd and 1.
  • Bengals go for it.
  • Terrible pass by Dalton is right to Tashaun Gipson.
    • Gipson drops the INT, looking up just before catching it.
  • Next play Desmond Bryant comes off the right side for a sack.
    • Big difference for this Browns team. In the past, after a missed play, often led to a bad play for the Browns.
    • Desmond Bryant gets another sack on 3rd down.
      • Great coverage as well.
    • Bengals punt to the 37 yard line.
  • Slow methodical drive gets ball over midfield again.
    • Brian Hoyer with a crisp pass to Miles Austin over the middle for a first.
    • Isaiah Crowell with solid running leads to another first.
      • First down challenged by Marvin Lewis.
      • Bengals win the challenge. Leads to 3rd and a half yard.
      • John Greco with a false start leads to 3rd and 5.
      • Defensive holding gives Browns a automatic first down.
  • Crowell fumbles on next play. Bengals recover.
    • Looks like he was down but play will be reviewed.
    • Play is reversed. Browns keep the ball.
  • On a beautifully run play, with a fake WR screen, Hoyer hits Gary Barnidge in the perfect spot.
    • Barnidge snags the ball in tough coverage down to the 3 yard line.

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  • West goes high over the top for a touchdown.
    • West fumbled after he crossed the goal line.
    • Browns 24 Bengals 3
    • Amazing game for the Browns so far.
  • Browns again force a punt.
    • A.J. Green drops two balls that he should have caught.
    • Obviously frustrated with how they have played today.
    • Punt downed at the 3 yard line.
  • Browns run the ball right down the Bengals throats to work there way out of their endzone.
  • Browns have it 3rd and 1 near midfield.
    • Browns 24 Bengals 3


The Browns are dominating the game. The running game has returned and all three running backs have touchdowns. Only the Jim Leonhard fumble on the punt return stopped this from being a shutout. Bengal players seem to have given up and Geno Atkins is unlike to return for this game. We all know anything can happen but things looking good for the Browns tonight.

What are your thoughts for this 3rd quarter?