Browns Vs Bills: 4th Quarter Notes of Importance


The Cleveland Browns take on the Buffalo Bills today in a game that could have a big impact on the AFC Playoff Race. Both the Browns and the Bills are in the hunt for the Wild Card, while the Browns also are right in the AFC North race, where every team is 7 – 4 or better. Today’s game promises to be an interesting one.

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For Browns Vs Bills here are our 4th Quarter Notes of Importance:

  • Bills get another score after a short drive.
    • Field Goal is Good!
    • Bills 17 Browns 3
  • Browns get the ball back with over 13 minutes left to go and down 14.
    • Offense has looked bad but has a history of moving when needed this season.
  • Brian Hoyer forces another throw into coverage and gets intercepted.
    • Bills defense has been great today.
    • Hoyer has not.
  • Browns defense continues to play great.
    • Force a 3 and FG attempt.
    • Bills have not converted a 3rd down attempt.
  • Johnny Manziel replaces Brian Hoyer.
    • Possibly the last we see of Hoyer as the starter.
  • Manziel with a lot of snap on the ball on his first few passes.
    • Big pass play to Jim Dray leads team into the redzone.
    • Manziel scramble leads to a TD.
    • Bills 20 Browns 10
  • Bills get a big 3rd and 1 conversion.
    • MarQueis Gray gets another big play all the way to the 30 yard line.
    • Great play calling by the Bills.
  • Bills able to run a lot of clock on this drive.
    • Bills Field Goal is Good!
    • Bills 23 Browns 10
    • Can Johnny Manziel lead the team back with over 3 minutes left? Tough.
  • Browns get ball back near the 20.
    • Manziel fumbles the snap.
    • Gathers the ball.
    • Gets hit.
    • Fumbles ball.
    • Bills recover for a TD.
    • Played reviewed. Called an incomplete pass.
    • 4th down Cleveland.

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  • Manziel completes a pass to Miles Austin.
    • Route run short of sticks by a yard.
    • Turnover.
  • Bills run the clock.
    • Obvious conversation is about Hoyer/Manziel but the Bills are for real with Kyle Orton leading them and that great defense.
    • Field Goal is Good!
    • Bills 26 Browns 10


The Browns offense looked terrible but Johnny Manziel gave the team a spark. Whether he or Brian Hoyer are starting next week will be interesting. It is unlikely that Mike Pettine will feel comfortable making that decision before looking at the film but he could have already decided. The Browns are still in the playoff race but also needs to start looking at the future. The defense played well but were hurt very badly by the lack of offense from the Browns.