Cleveland Browns: Takeaways on offense from the Week 4 loss

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Cleveland Browns
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The Cleveland Browns struggled mightily on offense in Week 4, showing fans the same issues that have been evident all season.

Each week I am tasked with coming up with three to five takeaways from the offensive side of the football for the Cleveland Browns and each week has been a broken record of the same issues plaguing this inept offense.

The Browns proved once again on Sunday that nothing has changed no matter how many trades this front office can make (17 to be exact), and this team is nowhere close to competing at an NFL level, let alone winning an actual game. They went 4-0 in the preseason though, so that’s good.

Hopefully this is rock bottom for the Cleveland Browns. One would have thought that a 1-15 season would serve that purpose, but maybe this is the reality check this front office and coaching staff needed to light a fire.

If the Browns come out and lose against the 2-2 New York Jets on Sunday, it will really put us back in last year’s frame of mind where we are once again scouring the schedule looking for any reason to believe the team may win a game.

Even the Jets have won a game already with Browns cast-off Josh McCown. After four weeks of the season, we are getting a real glimpse as to who this Browns team really is. They are an offense so devoid of talent, that the 21-year old rookie quarterback seems to be the only one on the field to look like they know what is going on. Let’s dive down this rabbit hole that is the Browns offense.