Daily Dawg Tags: Getting ready for the Kevin Hogan era

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The Cleveland Browns have once again turned to a new quarterback as head coach Hue Jackson has tapped Kevin Hogan for the starting job against the Houston Texans.

If there is an NFL team that knows how to cycle through quarterbacks, it is the Cleveland Browns.

That’s why it is not very surprising that when the Browns take the field on Sunday against the Houston Texans it will be Kevin Hogan, and not rookie DeShone Kizer, in the huddle at quarterback.

Head coach Hue Jackson made the call on Wednesday to hand the offense over to Hogan, who will be making his first NFL start and is ready to go, as he told clevelandbrowns.com:

"“I’m excited. It is another opportunity to go out there and play some ball, which I love. I played a lot of games in college, and when I was out there the other day, it felt like I was in college again. I’m looking forward to the opportunity. I’m going to prepare my butt off this week for the guys around me and make sure they have confidence in me and trust me to lead them so that I’m feeling good going into Sunday.”"

Hogan has been around the Browns long enough to know that everyone always feels good going into a game. It’s what comes after that tends to be the problem.

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