Cleveland Browns: Advice for Browns players appearing on Hard Knocks

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The Cleveland Browns will be on Hard Knocks. Here is some advice for players who will appear on the show.

The Cleveland Browns have arrived. No matter how they tried to dodge or side step, their name finally got called for an appearance on HBO’s Hard Knocks. There is a lot to live up to when appearing on Hard Knocks. Previous seasons have had great moments.

But those great moments came at the expense of someone’s reputation and dignity. As a professional football player, you want to put your best foot forward. But you are in luck, here is a guide for looking great and not making a fool of yourself while on the show.

Tip 1: If appearing on Hard Knocks with your family, make sure you know all the names of your children.

This may sound like a no brainer, but don’t sleep on this one. It’s hard enough to remember your kids names when you are mad at them (God knows I call my kids by all kinds of names), just think about what may happen when in front of the camera.

Case in point, there was the time that Antonio Cromartie could not name all of his children.

No doubt that he loves his children and his children love him. But sometimes stage fright might get the best of you. If necessary, make some note cards with a brief bio of every child you have. Make sure to give a shout out to their mother. It makes for a better night’s sleep.