Cleveland Browns: 5 obstacles to success in 2018

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The Cleveland Browns have made tremendous progress this offseason. But it needs to translate into wins. Here are five obstacles to success next season.

The Cleveland Browns have won the off season. But can they win a game in-season?

Winning the offseason does not seem to be a problem for the Browns. It seems every year the Browns hire the right coach or general manager. The team signs some key free agents. They add significant talent to the team through the draft.

Every off-season is touted as the off-season that they finally get things turned around. Winning the offseason is an annual event for the Browns.

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For as good as the offseason is, the in-season performance is proportionately as bad. A 1-31 record over the past two season demonstrates just how dismal the in-season performance has been.

There seems to be no coherent or consistent offensive game plan. The running game disappears at times. The high draft picks are off the radar — some even lineup so far off the ball you need a radar system to detect them.

To avoid falling into the same never ending cycle of winning the offseason then losing in-season, the Browns need to prepare for the obstacles and landmines that may sabotage their season.

A further complication to avoiding these pitfalls is the fact that HBO’s Hard Knocks will be following them around this training camp. Although this is exciting for the fans, a potential distraction could be exactly what this team needs to avoid.

First, the Browns need to figure out how to replace a legend.