Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield Mic’d Up, Psyched Up – Part II

CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 23: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns reacts after a 26-18 win over the Cincinnati Bengals at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 23, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
CLEVELAND, OH - DECEMBER 23: Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns reacts after a 26-18 win over the Cincinnati Bengals at FirstEnergy Stadium on December 23, 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns took out the Bengals in Week 16 and as if that wasn’t enough of a treat, Baker Mayfield was also mic’d up during the win

Want to be a fly on Baker Mayfield’s game day shoulder?

The Cleveland Browns just released an extended cut of Baker Mayfield mic’d up against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 16, and for almost twelve minutes you get to travel the gridiron with Mayfield as his Cleveland Browns soundly defeat the Hue-infested Bengals for the second time this season.

And Baker, as usual, puts on a dawg show.

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The Cleveland rookie’s doing comedy bits and dropping dimes with early-Favre-like confidence and we get to see and hear it all up close and personal thanks to Mayfield’s lack of shyness and SkyCam.

Watch this video, Browns fans, and prepare to love your buddy boy even more.

It’s similar to the video NFL Films did of Baker Mic’d up in Week 10 when the Browns beat up the Falcons, only it’s twice as long and includes a Mayfield drum solo. Seriously.

For those somber football fans who have neither the time nor interest in such dawg foolery, understood. Save yourself twelve minutes of wasted screen time by simply skimming through the video summary provided below.

Either way, get psyched up – the Browns finally have themselves a franchise quarterback, and by Dorsey, he has a total blast playing football.

And he wins.

The Baker Mic’d up, Psyched up Video – Part II

Opens on:

Baker before the game, crossing the end zone, making a point to slap palms with right guard Kevin Zeitler, rookie running back Nick Chubb and defensive ends Emmanuel Ogbah and Myles Garrett as they run past him to take the field for warm ups.

“Let’s go,” he tells them.

Cut to:

Mayfield zinging a few warm-up passes, telling the assistant coach who’s catching balls for him, “I appreciate YOU” a few times until you realize he’s busting the guys nads for apparently busting his nads for how awkward Baker’s hands were in a prior TV interview.

“Man, you didn’t have to give me so much crap for that video.”

Baker whips another football while the young coach laughs.

“What am I supposed to do with my hands?” Mayfield asks. “I felt like Ricky Bobby.”

Now the coach cracks up at the Talladega Nights reference and says, “Put your hands down, Bobby.”

Cut to:

Baker throwing more warm-ups, but this time Phil Collins’ In the Air Tonight is playing in the stadium.

“Oh, come on, Phil-lee,” he shouts. “Phil-lee Collins in this mother.”

Then Mayfield lines up for a running drill and tells a different  assistant coach, “Hey, last time they cut it off before the beat dropped. How can you cut Phil-lee Collins off, dude? I would never disrespect Phil.”

As he begins a lateral shuffle drill, he shouts, “Ever!”

Then he shuffles by a different assistant coach and says, “What’s up, man, how you doing.”

Side note: Baker’s team includes anybody and everybody wearing the orange and brown.

Cut to:

Baker doing backwards running knee raises as he’s quietly (and somewhat ironically) singing, “…and I’ve been waiting for this moment, for all of my life. Oh lord.”

Cut to:

Baker wandering among his teammates, still listening to the Phil Collins song playing, saying, “Oh, that beats about to drop.”

Then Mayfield grabs wide receiver Damian Ratley and screams, “Be my drums, be my drums,” and Ratley holds out his palms with his orange gloves only half-on and Baker does the famous In the Air Tonight drum fill on them and afterwards runs away screaming, “Woo!”

And in the background, you hear the Cleveland crowd go wild.

Cut to:

Mayfield on the bench telling wide receiver Jarvis Landry, “Let’s get this crowd juiced. I want this rockin’ like Norman, Oklahoma.”

Cut to:

Mayfield throwing the first touchdown pass of the game to tight end David Njoku and the crowd instantly going wild.

He joins Njoku for a Chief Slam touchdown celebration and screams, “Hell, yeah!”

Cut to:

Mayfield on the sidelines, running up and down the bench slapping palms and telling his offensive line, “Ya’all keep doing your thing, all right?”

Cut to:

Browns huddle during a commercial break, center J.C. Tretter telling everyone, “I guarantee this play works.”

Mayfield says, “There’s no chance he misses again,” and then the whistle blows and he says, “All right, boys, let’s execute.”

Cut to:

Mayfield handing the ball to Antonio Callaway, who flips it to Landry, who throws it left-handed 63-yards to Breshad Perriman who catches it between two defenders.

“Oh my god,” screams Mayfield in pure amazement, running towards Perriman. “How did that work?”

Cut to:

Mayfield out of the pocket rolling right, throwing a dime to tight end Darren Fells at the farthest edge of the end zone for a touchdown.

“Ahhhhh!” Baker screams and then the 6-foot-ish quarterback jumps up on and all over the 6-foot-7 Fells.

Cut to:

Baker telling Landry, the 63-yard pass thrower, “Chill out, Jarvis, you’re going to take my job.”

Cut to:

Baker sideline-slapping the palms of every one of his offensive line shouting what sounds like, “Gravy!”

Cut to:

Freddie Kitchens tickling Baker’s beard while he’s sitting on the bench saying, “Hell yeah, we’re gonna put him up there,” and then walking away.

Mayfield shakes his head, tries his best not to smile and says to Drew Stanton, “The guy’s an idiot.”

Cut to:

Mayfield throwing a touchdown pass to Rashard Higgins who dives for the touchdown. Baker bolts to the end zone to join in the celebration, which involves Higgins walking down the unrolling red carpet (played by Landry) in front of players pretending to be paparazzi.

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Baker slides in and takes invisible pictures of ‘Hollywood’ Higgins.

Then later, after he bumps fists and palms with just about everyone on the sidelines, he says to nobody in particular, “I’m glad I got in on that Hollywood celebration.”

Side note: since over-the-top’s obviously not an issue, try these sarcastic Browns touchdown celebration suggestions next time.

Cut to:

Baker hugging Kitchens on the sidelines, then pretending to do his southern voice, “I seen a lot of s#!t in my life, but I ain’t ever seen someone from Alabama talk about every scenario.”

Cut to:

Baker executing a play and then afterwards telling the ref running next to him, “I know you liked that one.”

Cut to:

Mayfield back in the huddle saying, “I’ll be honest, my fake on that one was f’ing beautiful.”

Cut to:

Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlop jumping hard on Mayfield out of bounds after a tackle and Rashard Higgins and Jarvis Landry immediately jumping in and pimp-shoving the giant away as the rest of the team scrambles in to protect their beloved leader.

Cut to:

Mayfield after another run play saying, “Hundred for Chubb. There you go, buddy,” and then shaking hands with him back in the huddle saying, “A hundred yards, sir, there you go.”

Cut to:

Mayfield completing a 66-yard pass to Njoku and afterwards, start to stare down…

Cut to:

Tretter telling Mayfield at the end of the game, “After we kneel this out, let me get that ball and we’ll bring it to [injured coach Bob] Wylie.”

Cut to:

Kitchens hugging Mayfield’s helmet saying, “While you’re here, give me some of that.”

Cut to:

Mayfield getting ready for victory formation, waving up his arms to get the Cleveland crowd going.

After the second kneel down, Baker tells the huddle, “This is really hurting my rushing yardage.”

Cut to:

Final kneel, Browns win, the game ball gets handed to Tretter for Wylie and the crowd goes wild.

Close on:

Nathan Zegura starting his sideline interview by saying, “I’m here with the man, Baker Mayfield,” and then smiling because he has to stop to let the Cleveland home crowd cheer on their buddy boy.

“Baker, Baker, Baker…”

Get psyched up, Browns fans, Cleveland finally has themselves a franchise quarterback, and he sure does have a blast playing the game of football.

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More importantly, Baker Mayfield knows how to win.

And as music legend Phil-lee Collins sings, we’ve been waiting for this moment for all of our lives, oh Dorsey.