Myles Garrett might have put the nail in Joe Woods coffin

Browns, Myles Garrett. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images)
Browns, Myles Garrett. (Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images) /

Whether you agree with his takes or not, Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has made it nearly impossible for Joe Woods to return in 2023 after his latest onion-peeling session

Throughout this season, Myles Garrett has been willing to speak his mind. It’s not always seen as the best choice of words as he’s been accused of calling out coaches and even teammates but he’s not showing any signs of holding back anytime soon.

Once again, he proved this as he was more than honest about the Cleveland Browns recent loss to the Miami Dolphins. Garrett had plenty of interesting quotes as he peeled back more layers of the Berea onion but seemed very surprised that Miami specified their game plan to Cleveland.

That comment is beyond concerning since planning for an opponent should be commonplace. However, the comment from Garrett makes it sound as though the current staff simply isn’t doing this.

NFL coaches spend much of their time working to install a plan of attack against their opponents and the Browns had an extra week thanks to the bye. Even so, Garrett made it sound as though they were still grossly underprepared and didn’t focus their attack on what Miami does.

Myles Garrett says teammates are hesitant

From there, Garrett said that players are hesitant. Again, he points the finger some, saying it’s not happening in his room — basically putting the blame on linebackers and safeties.

It’s doubtful he was trying to throw his teammates under the bus and it’s hard to think he can honestly believe there aren’t issues with the line, considering defensive tackle is the weakest link on the entire roster.

However, figuring out who is on the wrong page and playing without confidence isn’t as important as why they’re doing so. And listening to the things Garrett has said throughout this season, it seems he’s told us this answer as well.

Right after the loss to Miami, Garrett said it didn’t matter if you wanted to run through a wall if it was going in the wrong direction. That was a clear shot at the coaching staff, mainly Joe Woods, who doesn’t seem to be getting through to his players.

Joe Woods seat isn’t hot, it’s on fire

Cleveland should be applauded for remaining patient. It’s not easy for fans to sit back and watch as it becomes obvious that a coordinator isn’t working out, but the Browns have been too reactive for years.

Because of that, they’ve gone through coaches at an alarming rate while never allowing them to find their groove. For example, three well-respected head coaches were all in Cleveland with two of them on the staff at the same time.

Brian Daboll, head coach of the Giants, was the offensive coordinator in 2009 and 2010. Then in 2014, they had Kyle Shanahan and Mike McDaniel (the coach in Miami that led the aforementioned game plan) on staff for one year in 2014.

In addition to allowing a coach to develop, the Browns understood (finally) it’s not as simple as replacing the coordinator. This roster has been built to fit their current scheme, so any coaching change could put them back at square one.

It was the right call to give him one more year with this staff. And now, especially after what Garrett said recently, it seems to be a foregone conclusion that they will be making wholesale changes on that side of the ball.