1 Cleveland Browns player who just solidified his spot on the 53 man roster

There are still several games to play in the preseason but this running back might have secured his spot on the Cleveland Browns 53 man roster already

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
New York Jets v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

The Hall of Fame game was a fun preseason game to watch. It had a decent amount of energy surrounding it as it essentially kicks off the new NFL year for most fans. After watching Thursday night's action, it was easy to see that some players looked better than others, already making a compelling case for a roster spot.

There were some noticeable standouts and underperformers for the Browns. Cade York missed his lone field goal attempt, which probably won't affect his chances of making the roster but is still something you do not want to see especially in a preseason game. Anthony Schwartz did not impress as he fumbled after his first touch, with his time as a Brown feeling as though it may be ending sooner rather than later.

For the game's standouts, Dorian Thompson-Robinson was fun to watch the entire second half as he helped the Browns edge out the Jets. However, the night's big names were in the running back position Demetric Felton and John Kelly.

Both had very solid nights in both the Run and the passing game. So far both are making excellent cases for the RB2 position. When the final cuts come, I believe both of them will make the 53-man, however, I think Felton is the one who has solidified his spot on the 53-man roster after tonight's preseason game.

Felton didn't have a majority of the snaps at RB in the game and looks to have a great chance to back up Nick Chubb and Jerome Ford as the RB3. It was his play in the passing game that stood out the most.

Chubb is going to be receiving a hefty amount of carries this year, and though Chubb is an underrated pass catcher they have to give him some rest in the game. The main reason I believe he earned the spot over Kelly is his return ability and more proven pass-catching. He didn't have an electric return in the game, but he gives the coaching staff another option to receive kicks.

Felton is extremely shifty and has that quick side-to-side ability to make someone miss a tackle. He has also been cross-trained in this offense for both the running back and wide receiver. The flexibility he gives the coaching staff is what will ultimately land him a roster spot. If he continues to shine in the next preseason games, Felton is a 53-man lock.

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