3 Browns players who will benefit the most from Ken Dorsey hiring

Elijah Moore had a career-high 640 yards in his first season with the Cleveland Browns but he's one of 3 players who can take off under Ken Dorsey

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After a thorough search for their new offensive coordinator, the Cleveland Browns wound up selecting Ken Dorsey who previously held the same position with the Buffalo Bills. His tenure in Buffalo started hot with an explosive 2022 campaign but then he was let go during the 2023 season when the offense couldn't stop turning the ball over.

Now in Cleveland, Dorsey might not be focused on play-calling since Kevin Stefanski has handled this since joining the team in 2020. That means he will be able to spend his time helping develop game plans and coming up with strategies to maximize the talent on this roster.

With that being the case, several players will likely benefit from his arrival. Here, we identify the three who will benefit the most from Dorsey's selection.

3. David Njoku, Tight End

This was the breakout season we've been waiting for with David Njoku. A first-round pick from Miami in 2017, he's always been good but he has the athleticism and tools to be great. In 2023, he was finally in the great category — especially after Joe Flacco arrived.

Njoku had career highs in receptions (81), yardage (882), and touchdowns (six) this season but it still felt as though he could have done more. That's where having Ken Dorsey can help. While we all know he helped out Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs in Buffalo, it's easy to gloss over how good the tight ends have been for the Bills.

Dawson Knox was solid when Dorsey took over but he still put up 517 yards and six touchdowns. This past season, however, he took a step back as rookie Dalton Kincaid took over. The Utah product exceeded anything Knox ever did with 73 receptions on 91 targets (an insane catch rate of 80.2 percent). He scored just two touchdowns but the results as a whole were very promising.

While Dorsey didn't get to finish out the year, he had Kincaid heavily involved from the start. Knowing he can do this for a rookie should give Njoku hope that he can not only build upon his success from 2023 but perhaps exceed it.