3 free-agent moves from Steeler that Browns fans can laugh at

The Steelers had an interesting offseason

Russell Wilson
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1. Signing Russell Wilson

No move by Pittsburgh has been met with more excitement than the decision to sign Russell Wilson. Once a Super Bowl-winning quarterback, Wilson was traded to the Denver Broncos in 2022. He then alienated himself from the team in such a way that they preferred to eat more than $80 million in dead money just to move on.

Wilson then signed for just $1.2 million, which is a good move by the Steelers. It also led to an interesting trade afterward.

Kenny Pickett quickly grew frustrated by the move and decided he didn't want to play in Pittsburgh any longer. He was quickly traded to the Philadelphia Eagles, where the former first-round pick will now sit on the bench behind Jalen Hurts.

Cleveland fans had more than their share of fun at the team's expense, as well as Pickett's, following this move. One of the more hysterical revelations in the process was when it was discovered Pickett is a Jersey kid who loved the Eagles — which flies in the face of the hometown hero shtick the Steelers had been selling for the past two years.

Pittsburgh also landed Justin Fields in a trade, which might wind up being their best move of the offseason. But even if he comes in and plays well, it makes the decision to sign Wilson that much more comical — especially considering the fallout that came from the addition.

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