3 hits and 3 misses from Browns GM Andrew Berry in the NFL Draft

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Browns Draft Hit: Donovan Peoples-Jones, WR, 6th Round, 2020

It's not every day a team can find a player in the sixth round and he turns out to be a solid NFL professional. Donovan Peoples-Jones has worked his tail off and has reaped the benefits of that by continuing to get better in each of his first three seasons.

In 43 games and 25 starts for the Browns, DPJ has hauled in 109 passes for 1,740 yards, and eight touchdowns. In 2022, he set career-highs in receptions (61) and yards (839) while tying a career-high of three touchdowns. He made 14 starts and played in all 17 games and proved to be a good WR2 to Amari Cooper.

He caught 19 of his passes for 246 yards and two scores with Deshaun Watson under center for the final six games of the season. Berry went out and traded for wideout Elijah Moore, so that could bump DPJ out of a starter spot, but he will be a major factor in 2023.

Fans love to throw the word "steal" around no matter who Berry selects, but Peoples-Jones is the true essence of a draft steal.

Browns Draft Miss: Anthony Schwartz, WR, 3rd Round, 2021

When the Browns got knocked out of the playoffs at the hands of the Chiefs, it was abundantly clear that they needed to add some speed to the wide receiver room. Berry did just that by drafting Anthony Schwartz, who has Olympic-level speed, out of Auburn in the third round.

The speed of Schwartz was supposed to help further unlock Baker Mayfield and allow him to throw to a guy who could really make defenses pay if he got behind them.

Ironically, Schwartz was involved in the play that marked the beginning of the end of the Mayfield era in Cleveland.

This has not panned out the way Berry and company envisioned and all signs point to Schwartz being cut during the summer in Berea, if not sooner. Along with the trade for Moore, Berry signed Marquise Goodwin, who was a track and field star in the U.S. Olympic Trials. David Bell drafted a season ago, is likely to be on the roster and Jakeem Grant could also be in the WR room come September, even though he will be used mainly in the return game if he's healthy.

If Berry decides to draft another receiver with one of the Browns' two third-round picks, it will be the final nail in the coffin for Schwartz.

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