3 Non-AFC North must-see games on Browns schedule in 2024

The Cleveland Browns now know the path schedule-wise for the 2024 season and these three non-AFC North games are must-see
Cleveland Browns
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We are one step closer to Cleveland Browns football as the 2024 NFL schedule was fully released on Wednesday night. The Browns are slated for four prime-time games this season, yet none will make the cut for this list. To be fair, there are two Thursday night games on Amazon Prime against the Steelers and Bengals, and as the title states, it is non-AFC North games, as they are all must-see.

A couple of thoughts on the schedule before we dive into this list. First off, it's wonderful that the Browns won't face an AFC North foe until Week 7 at home vs the Bengals. Second, the Week 10 bye appears to be in a clutch spot. That's a little over halfway through the season and would be an ideal time to rest and heal up, if necessary.

Lastly, Browns fans can rejoice as they avoided the international games (don't have to wake up early and begin drinking before when one should start) and the Christmas Day game (we are trying to enjoy time with the family, not trying to have Christmas ruined by a loss).

The Week 17 matchup at home against the Dolphins is an honorable mention for this list, as they have a high-octane offense that can score at will, which would be a good matchup for the defense. One thing Browns fans can look forward to is Miami quarterback Tua Tagovailoa playing outdoors in January.

3 Non-AFC North must-see games for the Browns in 2024

Week 1: Home Opener vs the Dallas Cowboys

Not only does this game kick off the Browns 2024 campaign, at home to boot, but it also marks the broadcasting debut of Tom Brady, who will don the headset for the first time for Fox. This bodes well for Cleveland, as the last time Brady was in Cleveland Browns Stadium, the home team pulled off a come-from-behind win against the GOAT and the Buccaneers. I'm not superstitious, but I'm a little stitious.

This will be a good test to start the season against the 2023 NFC East champion Cowboys. Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb combine to be one of the most lethal one-two punches in the NFL, so it will be fun to see them against the stout Cleveland secondary. If the Browns come out as the victors, may they will become America's Team.

Week 6: On the Road Against the Philadelphia Eagles

The game will play out as it will, but this is a must-see game from the perspective of Andrew Berry and his roots in Philadelphia. Berry left the Browns after the 2018 season and joined the Eagles as the vice president of player personnel, the same role he had with the Browns. He spent a year under the learning tree of Howie Roseman, so it will be interesting to see this chess match of roster construction play out on the field.

The Eagles are a team that has shown it can be lethal. Quarterback Jalen Hurts will be looking to bounce back from a so-so season last year and he has the weapons to do so. A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith are a dynamic receiving duo that will test the Cleveland secondary. Oh, and the Eagles poached running back Saquon Barkley from divisional rival Giants. This game should be a fun one to watch, and it will also mark the fourth and final game the Browns will play against the NFC East this season.

Week 15: Hosting the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs

No matter who the opponent is, the Kansas City Chiefs, who are the reigning, defending, back-to-back Super Bowl Champions, are a must-see. Patrick Mahomes is the best football player on planet earth and his go-to target, tight end Travis Kelce, a Cleveland native, might be the best at his position ever.

This could be a battle for seeding in the AFC, and it could also be a potential playoff matchup. The key for the Browns will be whether or not Myles Garrett can disrupt Mahomes enough for the backfield of the defense to make a play or two on the ball. Surprisingly, this game isn't on primetime, as the battle of Garrett vs Mahomes should be electric.

To be the man, you gotta beat the man, and the Browns could do just that in Week 15 against the team with the target on their backs. Now, let's hypothetically say the Browns have more points than the Chiefs when the clock hits triple-zeroes, but we have to put into perspective that it matters most come playoff time. These two teams met in the playoffs a few seasons ago with the Chiefs coming out on top, but these rosters are completely different now.

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