Instant analysis of Cleveland Browns 2024 schedule

The Browns schedule is out, and here's what we can expect
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The NFL finally released their schedule on Wednesday night. For the Cleveland Browns, we already knew who they would face in Week 1 and a couple of other games were leaked as well.

Now that the whole schedule is out, let's look at who the Browns will face with this instant analysis of their 2024 schedule.

Week 1: Dallas Cowboys at Browns

We found out earlier in the week that the Browns will start the season at home against the Dallas Cowboys. Another storyline in addition to facing America's Team will be the debut of Tom Brady as an announcer. This will be a tough contest but Cleveland can make a statement with a win at home.

Week 2: Browns at Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 2 brings the first road game for the Browns. They knocked off the Jags last year in Jacksonville and could do it again.

Week 3: New York Giants at Browns

Daniel Jones could eventually be replaced by Drew Lock — although neither choice is good for the New York Giants. For Cleveland, they're probably hoping Jones stays under center long enough for them to get a chance at multiple interceptions.

Week 4: Browns at Las Vegas Raiders

Gardner Minshew is slated to start for Las Vegas and the Browns know he can put points up in a hurry. He was under center for their shootout against Indianapolis last year which came down to the last second.

Week 5: Browns at Washington Commanders

Dan Quinn might have the defense playing well at this point but the Commanders offense won't be able to handle Myles Garrett and the Cleveland defense.

Week 6: Browns at Philadelphia Eagles

For a while, it appeared this game would be in Brazil. Sadly, the Green Bay Packers get that historic showdown and the Browns have to head to the City of Brotherly Love to take on the Philadelphia Eagles. It's one of the least "loving" places to play, making this a tough outing.

Week 7: Cincinnati Bengals at Browns

Last year, the Browns played three AFC North games in the first four games. Now, they don't have a divisional game until Week 7. Playing the Bengals early was an advantage since they typically start slow. This could be more challenging if they're firing on all cylinders.

Week 8: Baltimore Ravens at Browns

One AFC North showdown deserves another. The Browns host the Ravens at home and this could be a huge opportunity for them. If they win in front of their own fans in Week 7 and Week 8, they could put themselves in a great spot in the division.

Week 9: Los Angeles Chargers at Browns

Justin Herbert can light up a scoreboard but Jim Harbaugh will likely keep the ball on the ground. If J.K. Dobbins is healthy, that could be a problem.

Week 10: Bye

This might be the perfect time for a bye week. The Browns get a break with eight games left — and they'll need it since there are some difficult games on the horizon.

Week 11: Browns at New Orleans Saints

Derek Carr has no one to throw it to outside of Chris Olave. That means the Saints will need their defense to step up. Cleveland could pay the Saints back for their win on Christmas Eve in 2022.

Week 12: Pittsburgh Steelers at Browns (TNF)

There's nothing quite like a prime-time football game and while we love seeing the Browns on Sunday, there's a little extra juice when they kick the week off. That will be the case in Week 12 when they host the hated Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday Night Football.

Week 13: Browns Denver Broncos

Bo Nix will have 11 games under his belt by this point and we'll know by then how tough this game will be. Right now, this feels like a win but the rookie could change the confidence meter based on how he plays.

Week 14: Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers

The re-match with Pittsburgh comes with just one contest in between. The AFC North is always tough but this might be the last time the Browns play someone who isn't a playoff contender — then again, we might not want to count Pittsburgh out yet.

Week 15: Kansas City Chiefs at Browns

The final four games are awful for the Browns. They have the Kansas City Chiefs, who are the two-time defending champs. And it doesn't get easier after this.

Week 16: Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati won the AFC in 2021 and 2022 and could be fighting for that spot again. This game will impact the playoffs and the North.

Week 17: Miami Dolphins at Browns

The Miami Dolphins are an explosive offense, and the Browns have to face them as the season winds down. Major playoff implications should be on the line as the difficult finish to the season continues.

Week 18: Browns at Baltimore Ravens

Finishing the season in Baltimore will be tough, and this could be for the AFC North title.

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