3 Pivotal matchups where Cleveland Browns must avoid falling short in Week 7

• Moore vs Moore

• All-Pro vs All-Pro

• An unstoppable force vs a very moveable object

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers / Joe Sargent/GettyImages
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The Cleveland Browns have two opponents this coming Sunday. Before the Browns take on the Indianapolis Colts in their building, they also have to battle complacency. Coming off a highly emotional win over the San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland must avoid a letdown this week against a scrappy Colts team.

On paper, the Browns clearly have the better overall roster and as a consequence, they're the favorites to win the game. The game of football is undoubtedly a team sport. However, the outcomes of the games themselves are often decided by individual matchups. This week is no different, there are multiple players on the Colts that will provide problems that will need to be solved if the Browns are to leave Indianapolis with a win.

Here are three pivotal matchups that could decide the game for the Browns in week seven

Matchup No. 3: Elijah Moore vs Kenny Moore II

The Browns enter their sixth game of the season and wide receiver Elijah Moore has yet to have his first true breakout game. However, with the moving parts at quarterback, it's difficult to pin any of the blame on Moore himself. Watson’s status is still up in the air and it's difficult for any wide receiver to build real chemistry when there is a game of musical chairs at the quarterback position.

But this Browns offense needs to become a more explosive unit, and Moore is the key to unlocking the passing phase of that equation. However, mostly due to his short area quickness, to this point, Moore’s utilization has mostly been in the quick game close to the line of scrimmage. The time to unleash Moore down the field and take advantage of the separation he creates is now. Regardless of who is under center for the Browns this week.

Drawing the Elijah Moore assignment this week is the Colts’ nickel back Kenny Moore II. As to not create any confusion, we will refer to Kenny Moore by his full name for the remainder of this article. In a league where the quality of slot corners is scarce, Kenny Moore is comfortably in the upper tier.

Kenny Moore is a feisty nickel back that does not mind mixing it up in the run game either. With 26 solo tackles and four tackles for loss through six games, Kenny Moore is a player that must be accounted for. The Browns need to throw their Moore’s gadget gameplan out the window this week, and make Kenny Moore defend vertically down the field.