3 players the Browns will regret not trading for at NFL deadline

The Cleveland Browns are supposedly all-in on 2023 but their lack of moves at the NFL trade deadline say otherwise.
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2. Case Keenum, Quarterback

There were rumors the Browns were interested in bringing Jacoby Brissett back and those started to heat up on Tuesday. Mary Kay Cabot was even saying it was a possibility but in the end, they didn't add Brissett‚ or even Josh Dobbs who was traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

This was understandable since they already sent Dobbs away this year and Washington was apparently asking for far too much compensation in exchange for Brissett. But that doesn't mean there weren't other options — and those should have been explored.

Cleveland continues to insist Deshaun Watson will return soon but they've said that for a month now. And every week, he's on the sideline and P.J. Walker is on the field. They're 2-1 when Walker takes the majority of the snaps but he's also had a huge problem with turnovers, which is what ultimately cost them the game against Seattle.

It's become such an issue that the Browns are now considering starting Dorian Thompson-Robinson who really struggled in Week 4 against the Ravens.

With all that being said, they should have tried to land someone else and a player such as Case Keenum would have made a lot of sense. He spent two seasons in Cleveland and three total under Kevin Stefanski. He's currently third on the depth chart in Houston, so it's not crazy to think he would have been available. And he would have been able to get up to speed in a hurry.

Sure, they might get Watson back and it will be a moot point. But if he misses any more time, they could be in a lot of trouble.