3 underrated Cleveland Browns who will make an impact in 2024

Look out for these 3 underrated Cleveland Browns

Maurice Hurst II, Cleveland Browns
Maurice Hurst II, Cleveland Browns / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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The 2024 offseason has been action-packed as Andrew Berry pushes to get this Cleveland Browns roster over the hump. After over-achieving last season and an embarrassing loss in the playoffs to end the year, the pressure is on for 2024 to be “the year”.

With Ken Dorsey as the offensive coordinator, we will likely see a totally different offense in 2024 under the direction of Deshaun Watson. The big move was trading for and extending Jerry Jeudy this offseason, and expectations will be higher than ever for him.

The most fun part of the NFL is not the top end of the roster, but what you can do for the last five starters on your depth chart. NFL football is a true team sport, and you are only as good as the worst player on your team unless you have Tom Brady. 

As we prepare for the offseason to hit full swing, here are three under-the-radar players who could greatly impact the 2024 season. 

No. 3: Mike Vrabel

I know that Mike Vrabel is no longer a player, but the Cleveland Browns bringing him in will have a major impact on the season. At first, I was hesitant of the hiring thinking it would only put pressure on Kevin Stefanski, but I truly think this is only a benefit.

Vrabel fits the aggressive mentality that both Berry and Stefanski follow, and he relates well to players and pushes them hard while maintaining a strong relationship.

Other than liking to go for it on fourth down, Stefanski and Vrabel are almost opposites, which is what makes him so effective. Having the ear of someone with so much head coaching experience will be a huge benefit down the road.