4 free agents Browns were wise to avoid

The Browns might have dodged some bullets

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Few teams have been as aggressive as the Cleveland Browns under Andrew Berry. Seen as one of the more opportunistic general managers, Berry has never been afraid to take a swing. The gambles don't pay off every time but it's hard to argue with his methods since the Browns are more relevant now than at any other point since returning to the NFL in 1999.

This offseason, he once again made several moves to bolster the roster but none that drew the attention like the Jerry Jeudy addition. Originally seen as a wise move where he landed a first-round talent for late-round picks, Berry drew criticism for agreeing to a $58 million extension with Jeudy.

We won't jump into that debate right now but instead, we will look at some of the signings we should be thankful they didn't make.

4. Gabe Davis, WR

Former Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey was hired by Cleveland this offseason to serve in that same role. They wound up signing someone he knew from his time in Western New York, running back Nyheim Hines. He wasn't the only player they were linked to, however, as the idea of adding Gabe Davis was floated often ahead of free agency.

When Cleveland traded for Jeudy that ended the discussion. Davis then hit the open market and signed a much larger contract than anticipated.

Davis pro joined the Jacksonville Jaguars on a three-year, $39 million deal. That's not as pricey as what Jeudy signed but it's hard to say Davis would have been worth that — at least not in Cleveland.

In an offense that needs great route-running, Jeudy could reach his full potential. Davis, on the other hand, can stretch a defense but he's not known as a cerebral receiver. Perhaps he winds up doing well with the Jags but it might have been a mistake had the Browns decided to go after him.