4 Goals before 2024: Browns wide receiver corps needs more work in offseason

The 2023 season might not be over but the Cleveland Browns should already be thinking about what to do in order to take their next step in 2024

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1. Figure out how to work with Deshaun Watson

Without trying to start any controversy, it needs to be stated that Joe Flacco has looked more comfortable in his first two games with Cleveland than Deshaun Watson has in 12. Last year, the issues were shrugged off as rust and he was supposed to be better in 2023. Overall, he was, but he still was up and down — and started games out slow.

He did begin to turn it around in the win over Tennessee but was then out with a shoulder injury. When he returned, he had another solid game against the Ravens, but that included a slow first half. Then, he was sent to the IR with a broken bone in his shoulder.

There are those who are done hearing about Watson and all the struggles this team has had getting him rolling since he was added last year. Despite such feelings, Watson isn’t going anywhere thanks to the five-year, $230 million deal he signed — which is fully guaranteed. That means for the next three years, he’s the starter when healthy.

During the 2024 offseason, their primary goal needs to be figuring out how to make this relationship work. It seems Kevin Stefanski works better with a pure pocket passer but has to find ways to work with Watson, who is an improviser. Watson also needs to figure out how to be a leader for this team, since that’s what he’s being paid to be.

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Cleveland has proven they can win with their staff and this roster. Getting Watson to perform at an average level will make them a playoff team for the next three years. Getting him to play up to his potential would make them Super Bowl contenders.