4 matchups that could make or break the Cleveland Browns in Week 3

• The Warden vs D-Hop

• A new face vs an old face

• Big Jed vs the Titans Key to victory

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
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Matchup No. 1: Jedrick Wills vs Arden Key

Jedrick Wills' recent struggles in pass protection are not a well-kept secret. In fact, Wills’ struggles really are not even recent. The left tackle’s success rate in pass protection has been on a steady decline year over year since he came into the league in 2020.

Given the catastrophic season-ending injury to Nick Chubb, the Browns are going to need to rely on their passing attack, if you can call it that, more than ever. Providing adequate pass protection for Deshaun Watson needs to be priority number one for the offensive line and the coaching staff. With a rookie on the right side of the line facing Harold Landry, the Browns need Wills to be dialed in and handle his business without additional aid.

Enter Arden Key. The Titans signed Key in free agency this past offseason and the move paid immediate dividends. In week one against the Saints, Key tallied a jaw-dropping 11 pressures going up against Trevor Penning.

The assignment for Wills is crystal clear, prevent Arden Key from single-handedly disrupting Watson’s ability to remain in the pocket and go through his reads. If Wills does not bring his A game as well as his best effort, Arden could be the Key to victory for Tennessee. Sidenote: always intend your puns.

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