5 Bold predictions for the Cleveland Browns 2023 season

• David Njoku becomes Deshaun Watson's best friend

• JOK benefits from the added defensive linemen

• The Browns shock the AFC North

Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns
Washington Commanders v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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1. Browns win the AFC North

In Week 1, the Browns have a golden opportunity in front of them. While no one wants to defeat an opponent simply because they're not 100 percent healthy, that's just a part of the game. And in Week 1, the Bengals aren't going to be fully healthy.

Joe Burrow injured his calf and there are mixed signals as to whether or not he's going to play. Ja'Marr Chase thinks he should sit out until he's completely healthy but Cleveland should count on him being out there. While Chase is correct that the big picture is what really matters, Burrow is the kind of competitor who wants to be on the field.

Having said that, he's likely to be limited even if he does play. So whether the Browns face a backup or an injured Burrow, they have a chance to steal a win over the AFC North favorites.

The good fortune doesn't end there. They follow that game up with a trip to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers. Then after playing the Tennessee Titans in Week 3, they host the Baltimore Ravens in Week 4.

That means all three divisional opponents will have played the Browns by Week 4 — and two will have been at home. If they can find a way to win all those games, they will be at a huge advantage in the North.

This final prediction is that they not only pull off the three wins, but they use that to build a lead in the division and wind up taking the crown.

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