5 reasons to get super excited for Cleveland Browns training camp

  • No looming suspension for the QB
  • An exciting new playmaker
  • Potentially dominant defense

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The 2023 season promises to be exciting for Cleveland Browns fans, and the anticipation is certainly mounting with training camp finally here. This Browns fan base had to temper expectations last year when Deshaun Watson was suspended for a good chunk of the season, but there will be no tempering of expectations in 2023.

As a matter of fact, there are more reasons to be excited about this coming season than perhaps any other that has preceded it for the Browns. With Watson in place and key pieces all around the roster, this Browns' team could be the best since 1999.

Let's look at five reasons fans should be getting excited about training camp in 2023.

5 reasons to be excited about Cleveland Browns training camp

5. New blood at the running back position

This may be somewhat of an underrated thing to be watching for at training camp for Cleveland Browns fans, but there's going to be some "new" blood at the running back position. Obviously, the players on the roster have already been around, but there's no more Kareem Hunt for Cleveland this year. At least, as of the time of this writing, that is. There's always a chance guys can get brought back.

But for the time being, Hunt's 158 total touches from last season and 492 snaps overall are going to be replaced by someone, or a variety of players. That list could start with Jerome Ford, a 5th-round pick in the 2022 NFL Draft with good size and speed. Between Ford, Demetric Felton, John Kelly, and guys like Nate McCrary or Hassan Hall, the Browns have a number of young backs with a chance to step up and play key roles behind Nick Chubb this season.

Once the pads come on at camp, we're going to find out exactly how that might all shake out.