AFC North Power Rankings: Cleveland Browns suddenly hold the cards

The Cleveland Browns proved they can win the AFC North when they defeated the Ravens in Week 10 despite a 14-point deficit in the fourth quarter
Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages
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2. Baltimore Ravens (7-3)

For much of the season, the Baltimore Ravens have been in full control of the AFC North. They remain in first place even after their loss to the Browns this weekend but suddenly, they don’t feel like the toughest team in the North anymore. That feeling isn’t just due to them losing but it’s how it happened.

Cleveland gifted the Ravens seven points in the first quarter when Deshaun Watson threw a pick-six to Kyle Hamilton. They were then quickly up 14-0 when Keaton Mitchell ran a long touchdown. As Cleveland clawed their way back into the game, they again gave up a free touchdown when James Proche muffed a punt late in the game.

That score made it 31-17 in the fourth quarter in favor of Baltimore but they couldn’t hang on despite the two-score lead. Not only did they allow the Browns to march down the field and tighten the score up but they also threw a pick-six of their own. A missed extra point kept the Ravens on top by one but the offense stalled once again and they couldn’t keep the Browns out of range for the game winner.

Take out the two free touchdowns and Baltimore really had just a couple of chunk plays. In addition to Mitchell’s long touchdown, Odell Beckham had a 40-yard reception for a touchdown. Outside of that, they were thoroughly beaten by the Browns — in front of their wives and kids.