The annual Cleveland Browns quarterback confusion has begun

Each March, the Cleveland Browns make a quarterback change that fans question

Joe Flacco, Cleveland Browns
Joe Flacco, Cleveland Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It has become a miserable March ritual for Cleveland Browns fans. The team makes a quarterback change that causes fans to scratch their heads and wonder how logical it is.

Joe Flacco is the star of the 2024 Browns offseason quarterback confusion. After coming off of his couch and helping the Browns get into the playoffs, earning him NFL Comeback Player of the Year honors, the team chooses not to re-sign him to back up a presumably (and hopefully) healthy Deshaun Watson. For those who say the backup quarterback is not critical, look at how many played for the Browns and around the NFL in 2023.

Adding to the drama is the fact that Flacco enjoyed his time with the Browns and was open to returning to Cleveland in 2024. The Browns opted to go a different route by signing Jameis Winston to back up Watson. While Winston is younger, he has dealt with his share of injuries so assuming he was fitter and more prepared for the job may not be a correct assessment.

Visions of prior offseason quarterback dramas dance in fans' heads

March 2024 stirs up the old wounds for many Browns fans. March 2023 is when it became official that Jacoby Brissett would not be returning to the team. Then, there was the giant explosion of quarterback news in March 2022 when Watson was signed, and Baker Mayfield and Case Keenum were sent packing.

Maybe his age and the interceptions thrown in his final game were factors, but it still doesn't make sense why there wouldn't be a discussion about Flacco returning. It doesn't appear the Browns even made a meaningful contract offer.

Hopefully, the Browns don't need to play as many quarterbacks in 2024, but if they do, people will once again be questioning the offseason decision to not bring back Joe Flacco as Deshaun Watson's backup.

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