Browns coach Kevin Stefanski hilariously calls Deshaun Watson 'annoying'

Kevin Stefanski appreciates Deshaun Watson's athleticism, even if it annoys him
Cleveland Browns
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Deshaun Watson and his quarterback coach Quincy Avery have a show called "QB Unplugged" and they recently brought on Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski. The typically reserved coach let his guard down a bit while talking with Watson and Avery.

They did go through some serious topics but Stefanski started joking around a little when Watson asked him about his golf handicap. Stefanski didn't hold back, calling the quarterback "annoying" since he quickly picked up the sport and made it look easy.

“I’ve played with this guy. You’re annoying,” Stefanski said, pointing at Watson. “Here’s why it’s annoying. He just picks the game up and then he’s draining 35-foot putts. It’s the most ridiculous thing. You were blessed. I bet you’d be throwing bullseye if there were a dart board here. It’s annoying. Whatever this dude possesses, I don’t have that.”

Clearly, the two get along well, which flies in the face of some of the reports that Cleveland wants to do all they can to rid themselves of Watson. Instead, it appears the head coach is ready to get into a rhythm with Watson.

Stefanski addressed the difficulties of adapting the play-calling week to week when there's no certainty under center. That was the case for the Browns in 2023 as Watson was one of five quarterbacks to start a game for Cleveland.

Deshaun Watson should be ready by Week 1

The good news for Stefanski is that Watson fully expects to be ready by Week 1. He feels good about his rehab and even vowed to be better this year than ever before.

Cleveland hopes that's the case since their first two seasons with Watson haven't gone according to plan. He's appeared in just 12 games, going 8-4 as the starting quarterback.

In his final appearance during 2023, Watson did have a game to remember. While playing through a high ankle sprain and shoulder injury, he went 14-of-14 passing and led his team to a comeback win over the Baltimore Ravens. If his play can be even close to that level, this will be a fun team to watch in 2024.

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