Browns decision on Nick Chubb contract remains a hot topic this offseason

Nick Chubb is due nearly $16 million in 2024 and that's led to some heated conversations regarding the Cleveland Browns plans this offseason

Browns, Nick Chubb
Browns, Nick Chubb / Philip G. Pavely-USA TODAY Sports

Every offseason is long but this could be one of the longest in recent memory for the Cleveland Browns. Following an 11-win campaign where one backup after another rose to the occasion, the Browns will get to work trying to capitalize on their window to become legit contenders. Before they can start their work on filling out the roster, and shoring up deficiencies, they need to get the salary cap figured out.

As it stands now, they're $19.6 million over the cap and need to make some moves so they're not only in compliance with the cap but also so they can make the necessary moves to put together a competitive roster. There are ways for them to free up plenty of space, which was highlighted by our friends at 'The Dawgs' podcast.

Here, they shared how Cleveland could create $68.3 million in space with restructures, trades, and even cuts. While they said they're not advocating for any such move — just sharing what can happen — they sparked some debate by saying $11.8 million could be freed up by cutting Nick Chubb.

In a response to one fan, 'The Dawgs' said they have faith this front office can keep Chubb and get their cap in order. We all know Andrew Berry has worked wonders in the past with the salary cap but it's clear something has to change.

Browns have to make a decision on Nick Chubb and his contract

Chubb suffered a knee injury in Week 2 that required two separate surgeries — one to repair his ACL and one to repair his MCL. This is the second time he's had major surgery on the same knee after suffering a brutal injury in 2015 while playing for the Georgia Bulldogs.

He bounced back against the odds then and it's difficult to bet against him now. Having said that, the NFL is a business and it's fair to ask whether or not this front office is comfortable paying him $15.8 million coming off a major knee injury.

Ideally, the Browns will find a way to extend Chubb and spread his hit out for the next few years, while also adding some incentives that would reward him for coming back strong while still protecting the team. The business side of the NFL is ugly and eventually, every player has to move on. Fans just don't want to think about that happening with Chubb, who has been the heart and soul of this team for six years now.

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