Browns fans will love the latest update on Nick Chubb returning

Nick Chubb could be back earlier than expected
Cleveland Browns, Nick Chubb
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Throughout the offseason, the Cleveland Browns have been asked about the progress of Nick Chubb who is rehabbing a torn ACL and MCL. General manager Andrew Berry and head coach Kevin Stefanski had been given rather vague updates while ensuring everyone that Chubb is working as hard as he can — which goes without saying.

Now, they suddenly had a little more infortmation to divulge. Berry was speaking with reporters earlier this week and said Chubb is not only on a good pace with his progress but that he's now running on land.

“He’s really attacked , really since he’s been able to in the fall,” Berry said, via Spencer German of Browns Digest. “He’s going at a good pace. It’s still early. He actually started running on land this past week. That’s not to say that he’s through the woods or anything, but he’s doing everything in his power. He’s progressing appropriately, but certainly the next few weeks, next few months will be big as we continue to increase the load that he’s able to put on his knee, and then how much he’s ultimately able to do during his training.”

Chubb needed two surgeries to fix the separate ligaments and it was expected to be a long road — especially since this is the same knee he tore in 2015 while with the Georgia Bulldogs.

There's still no timetable for Nick Chubb to return to Browns

As encouraging as it is to hear Chubb is running again, there's likely still a way to go until he's 100 percent healthy and trusts his knee. However, he did renegotiate the final year of his contract which is now laced with playing time incentives, which might indicate he has faith he will be back sooner rather than later.

Cleveland has protected themselves in case it takes him until November — as some reports have indicated. They signed D'Onte Foreman and Nyheim Hines this offseason, giving them a couple of capable backs to work with Jerome Ford until Chubb is back on the field making highlight-reel plays.

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