Browns latest quarterback move has led to some confusion

Tyler Huntley might just be a camp arm, but his signing with the Browns has raised eyebrows

Cleveland Browns
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It's been quite the offseason regarding quarterbacks for the Cleveland Browns. Following a month of back-and-forth on the desire to re-sign Joe Flacco, the Browns went in a different direction and agreed to terms with Jameis Winston. Confusion erupted when the NFL Comeback Player of the Year signed a nearly identical deal with the Indianapolis Colts.

On Sunday, the Browns made another move at quarterback, signing Tyler Huntley. A former backup for the Baltimore Ravens, Huntley somehow made the Pro Bowl in 2022 despite throwing for just 658 yards that year.

In his career, he's completed 64.6 percent of his attempts for 1,957 yards with eight touchdowns and seven interceptions. Huntley offers mobility as well, evidenced by his 509 yards and three touchdowns as a runner.

With a quick look at the quarterback room, there are now four players, three known for their ability to run with the ball. Adding Huntley is more proof they want to evolve their offense but it's also raised some concerns among the fan base. Jack Duffin of the OBR asked what it means for all three QBs ahead of Huntley.

Those are just theories, and perhaps they mean nothing. But Duffin isn't alone. Jacob Roach of Browns Wire says he thinks it's just a camp arm, but he also asked if Deshaun Watson is still working through his recovery.

He also wasn't alone in pointing out that Jameis Winston has yet to officially sign his deal.

Most of the takes, however, seem to focus on the fact that the Browns typically carry four quarterbacks into training camp.

What's the deal with the Browns signing Tyler Huntley?

If there is an alterior motive, we'll find that out at some point down the road. But it's safe to assume this is just a depth signing. Huntley was added for the veteran minimum, so there's no guarantee at all he makes the team.

Cleveland has typically carried four quarterbacks up through the preseason and it just so happens they landed one with a recognizable name. No sense in reading more into this unless there's evidence to support anything further.

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