Browns Myles Garrett, Denzel Ward discuss football, facial hair, and eventual 1-on-1 hoops showdown

FanSided's Sterling Holmes discusses the Super Bowl, Joe Flacco, and a 1-on-1 hoops showdown with Browns stars Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward

Cleveland Browns
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Leading up to the Super Bowl, several NFL stars took the time to speak about their respective teams, and that included Myles Garrett and Denzel Ward of the Cleveland Browns. One stop they made was to sit down with Sterling Holmes of FanSided to discuss football, facial hair, and a potential showdown between the two basketball fans.

As soon as things kicked off, Myles Garrett was complementary of the mustache Sterling Holmes was sporting, showing he knows style when he sees it. From there, they dove right into the X's and O's with Garrett and Ward praising one another's approach. Ward stated that Garrett was a "dominant force" and team leader and could impact a game despite being blocked by an entire offensive line at once.

Garrett, the recently crowned Defensive Player of the Year, agreed with Holmes that Ward is "perpetually underrated," with Holmes saying he should have already had an All-Pro selection by now. Garrett added that Ward is a "silent assassin" saying he's not someone to talk trash but no one would chirp at him — since it won't end well.

Ward quickly turned the praise to defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, saying his attention to detail helped him become a better player. But from there, the real debate started when Holmes asked who would win if the two took to the hardwood.

Garrett said he would win "hands-down" with Ward quickly claiming the only way Garrett wins, is by using his size in the post-up game. The challenge will hopefully be taken up as the two stated the game should happen. While Ward is apparently a solid player, it's hard to see him being able to go toe-to-toe with Garrett who is not only a massive human being but an insanely talented basketball player.

Browns defenders give their Super Bowl prediction

With the Super Bowl set to be played, Garrett and Ward were asked who they believed would take the title home. They were on opposite sides of the spectrum with Garrett calling for a 21-17 win for the Kansas City Chiefs and Ward saying the San Francisco 49ers will win 27-24.

The biggest concern for Browns fans, however, will be when their team will finally make it to the big game. Garrett said the league is ready for a new team to enter the fray, adding that he believes Cleveland can be that team.

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