Browns news: Cleveland urged to avoid WR in draft, Deshaun Watson in danger?

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It's been rather quiet for the Cleveland Browns over the past couple of weeks. They made their moves in free agency during March and are now focused on the 2024 NFL Draft, which takes place at the end of April.

Most news that trickles out right now centers around the draft — and is largely just a look at who they're visiting with. Still, a couple of other small items have popped up including another story where someone wants to push Deshaun Watson out the door.

That story and more can be found in today's news round up.

Cleveland Browns News

How much more patience will the Browns have with Deshaun Watson? — Mike Florio, Pro Football Talk

"The question becomes how much longer will they stick with him as the starter, if he doesn’t turn the clock back to 2020 or earlier? Will they keep him in the QB1 role simply because of the investment they made? Or will they do something like what the Broncos did with Russell Wilson, biting the bullet in order to move forward?"

It's hard to see the Browns biting the bullet the way the Broncos did since the money would be much more punitive for Cleveland. As Florio points out, they would have a cap hit of nearly $64 million in 2025 and $73 million in 2026.

That's $137 million in two years compared to the $85 million Denver took. It's more plausible he gets benched but even that feels like a long shot since the concerns seem to be coming from the outside — and not from the decision-makers in Cleveland.

Cleveland Should Avoid Wide Receiver In The 2024 NFL Draft — Cole McDaniel, Browns Digest

"Wide receivers are expected to be in high demand during this year's draft. The position is not a major need for the Browns which means that they could capitalize on players at other positions who begin to slide."

In theory, McDaniel seems right. The problem is that Cleveland has just one of their top three wide receivers on the roster signed beyond 2024 — Jerry Jeudy. They need to be concerned with the top talent on the board, and not the position. And if that leads to a WR, then there's no reason not to pull the trigger.

Former Browns LB Anthony Walker Jr. on his decision to join Dolphins: It wasn’t hard at all — Jacob Mendell, Phinsider

“I stressed to my agent it was very, very important to get me out the cold. I was sick of it,” Walker said. “I hadn’t been home in a while. I was in the Midwest since I was 17 years old. It was about time I got some warm weather and when he said Miami and I was like let’s get it done.”

Walker is a strong veteran leader and he's from Miami but went to Northwestern. In the NFL, he's played for Indianapolis and Cleveland, so it has to feel good for him to be home. And to be warm.

Browns fans don't want to hear what Aaron Donald has to say about rival

Aaron Donald believes T.J. Watt is the best all-around defender in the NFL. He mentioned Myles Garrett but still sees Watt as the premium game-changer on defense.

Browns interest in Michael Pratt could be due to injury concerns at QB — DPD

Dorian Thompson-Robinson suffered a hip injury last season. He might not be as healthy as the team would like — which could explain their desire to scout QBs.

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski hilariously calls Deshaun Watson 'annoying' — DPD

Anyone who thinks the Browns are actively trying to move on from Deshaun Watson need to listen to the QB and head coach Kevin Stefanski speak with one another on the 'QB Unplugged' podcast. Stefanski jokes around with Watson, even calling him annoying for how quickly he picked up golf.

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