Browns news: Fans rejoice as white face masks rumored to return

The white face masks get plenty of Browns fans hyped

Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett
Cleveland Browns, Myles Garrett / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

Sometimes fans get caught up with the most interesting things. For many who follow the Cleveland Browns, it's face masks.

Ever since the Browns unveiled their new uniforms in 2020 — which were really just their old uniforms — fans have been clamoring for the return of the white face mask as well. They partially got their wish over the past two seasons as they've been broken out for a couple of home games. Now, Browns twitter is alive with hope again after rumors circulated that they're going to be back full time.

Nothing has been officially confirmed but that hasn't stopped the celebration. A look at what got the rumor rolling and more can be found in today's Cleveland Browns news round-up.

Cleveland Browns News

Are the Browns Returning to White Facemasks Full-time in 2024? UPDATED — Alex Hider, Uni Watch

“(Helmet manufacturer) Riddell notified certain retailers that the Browns would be one of the teams with a new primary helmet this year, if that helps to confirm your story. I have no details on what’s changing, only know that there are changes.”

To be clear, there is no confirmation the Browns are turning back to the white face masks full time but Hider seems to believe it's a real possibility — and social media is bought in. And the reaction to the original rumor seems to confirm the belief.

Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam say they’re exploring a domed stadium in Brook Park ‘that could transform our area’ — Mary Kay Cabot,

"Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam said Monday evening at the NFL annual meeting that they’re exploring a domed stadium in Brook Park as well as renovating existing Cleveland Browns Stadium."

The Haslams seemed intent on renovating their current stadium but are now shifting gears. Wherever the stadium winds up, a dome would be the right call. There will always be those who claim the weather is a huge advantage for the Browns but they must not have watched when the Saints — a dome team from the south — stuck it to Cleveland in one of the coldest games ever. So yeah, let's drop that advantage talk already.

5 Browns fighting for their jobs after free agency — Greg Newland, DPD

Free agency is always good for a franchise looking to fill some holes. However, it can be tough for returning players who suddenly have more competition around them. Here, Greg Newland identifies five Browns who are in danger of losing their jobs following Cleveland's offseason moves.

Cleveland Browns HC Kevin Stefanski weighs in on the Jameis Winston and Joe Flacco decision — Wendi Oliveros, DPD

Head coach Kevin Stefanski spoke on the team's decision to move on from Joe Flacco in favor of Jameis Winston. He didn't spend a lot of time discussing Flacco but instead praised Winston, who was the No. 1 overall pick in 2015.

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