Browns news: Myles Garrett says healthy roster would have ended in Super Bowl appearance

Myles Garrett believes the Cleveland Browns would have been in the Super Bowl had they stayed healthy

Myles Garrett, Browns
Myles Garrett, Browns / Jeff Schear/GettyImages

The Cleveland Browns were watching the Super Bowl with the rest of us on Sunday but Myles Garrett believes they should have been playing in it. Speaking before the big game, Garrett said he was confident that his team could have made it if they were healthy.

Cleveland lost several players but the top two injuries happened to Nick Chubb and Deshaun Watson. The Browns won 11 games even with them going down, making this claim from Garrett sound very logical. That story and more can be found in today's news round-up.

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Myles Garrett Sends Bold Message on Browns’ Supremacy on Eve of Super Bowl - Max Dible, Heavy

“I think if we stay healthy, there’s no reason we’re not playing this Sunday. And, you know, it hurts every time I think about [Deshaun Watson] getting hurt, [Nick] Chubb getting hurt and other big injuries that we had,” Garrett said. “But I’m proud of the men I had in the room. I’m proud of the brotherhood that we created from training camp all throughout the season and everything we had to fight through, the adversity that we saw. It was awesome to see how those guys rallied.”

Injuries were the theme for the Browns all year and they still won 11 games. They also secured wins over the No. 1 seed in each conference this season. That makes it easy to believe the claim from Garrett that they could have run the table with their full roster.

Browns contracts: Update on Kevin Stefanski and Andrew Berry - Jared Mueller, Dawgs by Nature

"As the 2024 season is around the corner, both Stefanski and Berry are in the last year of their deals after two playoff seasons and two Head Coach of the Year awards for the former. According to a report (or rumor depending on how you see things), Haslam is looking to lock both up with new extensions soon."

Cleveland has been competitive under Berry and Stefanski, making it a no-brainer to lock them both up long-term. The Browns are 37-30 under their leadership and more importantly, there's finally stability in the organization.

Browns could land a key veteran from Eagles defense to help Myles Garrett - DPD

Once again, Fletcher Cox hits the open market and the Browns should be interested. Myles Garrett just won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year award but there are several free agents around him on the line. Adding Cox would be a huge help for him.

4 late-round quarterbacks Browns can target as emergency options - DPD

Cleveland believes Deshaun Watson will turn things around but they had to start five quarterbacks in 2023. That's why it would make sense to continue to look for players to develop. With that being said, here are four players they could scout leading up to the draft.

Rumor: Browns could lose new hire following wild coaching shuffle - DPD

Cleveland just hired Tommy Rees to coach tight ends but they could lose him according to rumors. With Chip Kelly leaving UCLA, there are reports suggesting Rees could take the head coaching gig with the Bruins. It would be tough to lose him but it makes sense why he would be interested.

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