Browns predicted to trade Amari Cooper to Super Bowl contender in-season

Could Amari Cooper be dealt to an NFC contender during the 2024 season?
Amari Cooper, Cleveland Browns
Amari Cooper, Cleveland Browns / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

Amari Cooper remains one of the biggest storylines for the Cleveland Browns as they await the start of training camp. The veteran wideout enters his third season in Cleveland which is also the final year of his current contract.

To date, Cooper has been a holdout as he and the Browns are at odds when it comes to his future. Cleveland hasn't been willing to extend Cooper just yet but he believes he deserves a new deal after finishing 10th in the NFL in yards despite a carousel at quarterback in 2023.

While Mary Kay Cabot believes the two sides will come to terms before the start of camp, there are other possibilities being floated as well.

One comes from
Brad Gagnon of Bleacher Report who predicts several trades that could happen in-season. In his piece, he has the Detroit Lions going after a big-time wideout. He mentions Cooper as well as Tee Higgins of the Cincinnati Bengals, adding that the Lions have the most cap space in the NFC. That would allow them to swing a trade and keep the wideout happy with an extension.

There’s always more than just fit and cap space that go into these decisions, which Gagnon also alluded to as he stated the Bengals would need to “fall off” to be willing to deal Higgins. The same would be true for Cleveland as well since they're not shipping off a star player unless they see the playoffs slipping away.

”Potential targets include Amari Cooper if the Browns aren't competitive and Tee Higgins if the Bengals fall off again. Both walk-year veteran receivers could be game-changers in Detroit.” — Gagnon, Bleacher Report

Browns trading Amari Coope in-season highly unlikely

There are two issues with this prediction. First, it’s hard to see a scenario where the AFC North isn't a tight race once again. As for the Browns, they won’t even have a divisional game until Week 7, which is two weeks prior to the trade deadline. Even if they’re behind in the division this is where they can make up ground. Trading their No. 1 receiver would hinder them in that pursuit.

Another issue would be the feasibility of moving Cooper. If they had to give him a new contract to report this season, it’s not as if he will be easy to trade — without taking a massive financial hit.

If Cooper were to be traded, it most likely would occur before camp. Even that feels like a long shot, however, since the holdout hasn't turned ugly.

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