Browns could have a secret weapon in the backfield this year

Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout
Cleveland Browns Offseason Workout / Nick Cammett/GettyImages

When looking at the depth chart, it seems the Cleveland Browns might have a hard time getting all of their talented wide receivers on the field. Then again, head coach Kevin Stefanski is known for getting creative.

That was seen on Tuesday when videos from their first mandatory practices made the rounds. While these shots were usually of Deshaun Watson going downfield, it was the backfield that stood out. On a couple of receptions to Donovan Peoples-Jones, No. 8 could be seen running a route out of the backfield.

And that jersey belongs to newcomer, Elijah Moore.

While neither pass went his way (at least in these clips), this is an intriguing option for this offense — and really shouldn't be a surprise. Stefanski has done something similar in the past, using receivers in the backfield while calling plays for the Minnesota Vikings.

For Moore, this could end up being a great fit. While he hasn't typically run the ball out of the backfield, he did gain 64 yards on 14 attempts for Ole Miss in 2020. He also had 54 rushes and a touchdown on five carries during his rookie campaign with the New York Jets.

Having said that, his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield is what will give defenses something to think about on game days — especially on third downs.

Teams that have excellent receiving backs often find a way to keep drives alive and Moore, who moves like a running back after the catch, would be an ideal fit in this role.

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And considering the lack of depth behind Nick Chubb, this is a potential secret weapon that not only gets their wideouts more snaps but also helps fill a need behind No. 24.