Browns wideout Elijah Moore has character slammed, accused of being a 'crybaby'

A writer for didn't hold back when talking about Elijah Moore, calling the Cleveland Browns wideout a 'crybaby' saying he 'quit on the team'

New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers
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In need of a speedy wideout, the Cleveland Browns landed Elijah Moore in a trade this offseason. They surrendered the 42nd overall pick in exchange for Moore and pick No. 74 which felt like a bargain considering the talent he brings to the table.

Moore is a versatile weapon that can play outside as well as in the slot — and has even lined up in the backfield for Cleveland during offseason workouts.

Despite his talent, he has yet to truly put it all together. During his first two seasons in the league, the 34th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft has 80 receptions for 984 yards with six touchdowns. They're not terrible numbers but his skill set suggests he can do much more.

So what hasn't he? Well, one writer seems to think it's all on Moore.'s Cayden Steele slammed Moore and called him an "ex-Jets crybaby who quit on them." This came just days after Moore claimed things in New York weren't as they appeared, stating it also no longer matters since he's looking forward.

The Jets were a mess in 2022, which isn't Elijah Moore's fault

At this point, it's almost comical to think anyone can put all the blame on Moore. Their promising start to the season ended in a thud as they lost their final six games with the offense scoring zero touchdowns in the final three weeks.

This led to the dismissal of offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur and an overhaul of the entire offense. Moore, to his credit, has never bashed the team openly but Deshaun Watson didn't hold back saying it was a "toxic" franchise — and that was an outsider's perspective.

All that being said, there were a lot of issues surrounding the team and putting it all on Moore simply isn't fair.

A change of scenery can be good for Moore, and the Browns should help him improve

New York has moved on from not only Moore but several other offensive pieces as well — although Sean Payton still thinks they're a mess as the Denver Broncos head coach destroyed them for choosing Nathaniel Hackett as a replacement for LaFleur.

The Jets will be hoping Aaron Rodgers can solve a lot of their issues and as for Moore, his desire is for a fresh start with a new team.

He has that in Cleveland and no matter what your feelings on Watson are, it's impossible to make an argument that Moore was better with Zach Wilson or Joe Flacco throwing him the ball.

This fresh start can be exactly what he needs to get his career going in the right direction — and to possibly silence those who call him a quitter.

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