Cleveland Browns: 3 keys to a successful 2023 season

The Cleveland Browns will need these three key things to take place for them to have a successful season

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The Cleveland Browns begin their 2023 season on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals and there are several things that need to go better as a whole for them to avoid another sub .500 season. While having star quarterback Deshaun Watson and running back Nick Chubb play well would seem logical to predict as keys to a great season, these two factors aren't as important as some might think or speak of.

Watson had one of his most spectacular statistical seasons back in 2019 when he threw for 4,823 yards and 33 touchdowns on 70 percent accuracy and yet his Houston Texans team was terrible and finished with a record of 4-12. So just because Watson might have finally shaken off the rust that alone doesn't spell victory for the Browns.

For Cleveland's star running back Nick Chubb, his consistent play hasn't equated to team wins. So, while it's been great to watch a potential future Hall of Famer run wild on the field of play, that's all it's amounted to.

So let's look at three keys to a successful season that if they come true then this Browns team will be in great shape heading into Week 1.

No. 3 key this season: Having a more consistent defense

We all know that our Browns defense is going to look much different than it has in the past with Jim Schwartz as the new defensive coordinator. But looking different doesn't mean it's going to be successful. The players have to execute and if they do, then what we have been seeing in moments during this preseason will roll into the regular season and could mean big things for the team.

We know players like Myles Garrett, Za'Darius Smith, and Dalvin Tomlinson will make impacts in each game. In the secondary, they have new safeties Juan Thornhill and Rodney McLeod who will both be helpful in improving a lackluster group from a year ago.

The biggest struggles with this part of the team in the past were the inconsistencies of the group. They would play well in one game but then squander big leads in others. We all remember how the defense blew a 13-point lead with under two minutes to go in the Week 2 home opener against the New York Jets.

There was just never a feeling that a win was secure last season. This year's squad must establish that consistent effort from week to week. Creating turnovers too should be a priority for the defense this season. This preseason the Browns forced several turnovers. New rookie safety Ronnie Hickman Jr. had three interceptions alone.